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Education of Children of Stone Quarry Workers

Education of Children of Stone Quarry Workers


Institute of Research and Development for the Rural Poor (IRDRP); Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Contact:  Dr. Irudayasamy

April 2015 – April 2018

Budget: Total, Rs.1,261,250; 2017, Rs.386,250

This is a continuation and expansion of our previous project (2012-2014) to support the education of the children of quarry workers.  They have organized 3 school enrollment camps, provided educational supportive materials to over 150 children, maintained educational centers to help the students outside of regular school hours, and provided supplementary education to students at risk of dropping out.  They have organized several educational centers in new locations, while the operation of some old ones has been transferred to program alumni.  PPI is currently supporting 5 of these centers with a total enrollment of about 150 students.

Progress Report

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