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Education of Children of Stone Quarry Workers

Institute of Research and Development for the Rural Poor (IRDRP), Chennai, Tamil Nadu

 Contact: Dr. Irudayasamy

Dates: July 2018 – June 2021

Total Budget: Rs. 12,48,750

2020 Budget: Rs. 4,16,250

This project is a continuation of IRDRP’s work in the stone quarries to end child labor and provide education to girls at risk in new villages by enrolling 6 – 14-year dropouts into schools, providing non formal education or private studies to 5 – 18 years, and rehabilitate slow learners and senior children by providing them vocational skills empowerment. Notwithstanding the Covid-19 pandemic, IRDRP was able to organize several activities during the year accomplishing what they set out to do. Three supplementary education centers were opened to prevent children from dropping out of schools, along with two convenient education centers for children to spend 2-3 hours learning to read and write. IRDRP distributed educational support materials to 126 children studying at the supplementary education centers and 87 students studying at the convenient education centers. Besides these, IRDRP organized teacher training workshops on how to teach slow learners and for high school students in strategies for exam preparation. IRDRP also held a gender awareness workshop to discuss gender equality and the role of gender in stone quarry laborers, provided career guidance, as well as offered computer and tailoring skills programs for students.


    Progress Report Phase 1   Progress Report Phase 2



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