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Sanitary Napkins and Reproductive Health

Institute of Research and Development for the Rural Poor (IRDRP), Chennai, Tamil Nadu

 Contact: Dr. Irudayasamy

Dates: July 2020 – June 2021

Total Budget: Rs. 5, 50,000

2020 Budget: Rs. 5, 50,000


The objective of this project is to help improve the health status of adolescent girls (in Dalit migrant communities and Tribal Communities in 10 districts of Tamil Nadu) by spreading awareness about menstrual health, hygiene, nutrition, and Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health. IRDRP is also aiming to bring out behavior change in menstrual hygiene management and health through training and life skills education. IRDRP has already made good progress in the first three months of the Menstrual Health Management Project. In order to make sure that the trainers to be used for providing the Menstrual Health knowledge to the young girls have sufficient related background, a virtual training session for the trainers was held. Speakers from IRDRP were supplemented by those from UNICEF and Habitat for Humanity India. The session was also used to encourage other NGOs in the area to collaborate with IRDRP in implementing similar projects in their areas. A survey of girls within Tribal communities and Migrant communities in 7 districts about the existing practice of Menstrual Hygiene and management was completed. The 13 questions covered various menstruation-related issues, including use and disposal of sanitary napkins. A menstrual health training program led by Village Health Nurses (VHN) was held in Chengalpet District on the importance of menstrual hygiene. Free sanitary napkins were distributed to 30 adolescent girl attendees.

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