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Teacher Training in Maharashtra

Vanasthali Rural Development Center (VRDC), Pune, Maharasthra

 Contact: Ms. Sushama Sathaye

Dates: July 2020 – June 2022

Total Budget: Rs. 9,27,000

2021 – 22 Budget: Rs. 3,50,000

VRDC was able to maintain continuity of activities in providing on going teacher

training to improve the quality of education received by children of economically backward sections despite the pandemic at its various work centers. They paid honorariums to the teachers throughout this period and continued with the training activities. Using funding from PPI, VRDC was able to provide smartphones to 30 teachers for holding online training sessions to strengthen their teaching skills. The beneficiaries receiving the smartphones were encouraged to contribute a small amount towards the cost of the phones.

Since the beginning of 2022, as things started getting back to normal, VRDC has been able to provide Language training to 212 trainees, Balwadi Teacher Training Course to 137 participants and Teacher Training Course to 137 women.

The Work in Pictures


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