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Bio-Sand Filters in Himachal Pradesh

Social Awareness through Human Development (SATHI), Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh

Contact: Dr. Anil Kumar

Dates: February 2022 – January 2025

Total Budget: Rs. 1,002,000

2022 Budget: Rs. 321, 250

During the first 7 months of this new project, SATHI has manufactured and distributed 50 Bio-Sand Filters (BSF) to families in 6 remote villages in the Nahan block of Himachal Pradesh. The overall project is designed to provide BSF to 180 families in 20 villages over the 3-year period.

To get the program started, village level meetings and “Awareness and Training Camps,” were held in the 6 villages to educate the people about the health benefits provided by water filtration through use of BSF.

Educational material and posters/stickers were also provided to each beneficiary to highlight the benefits of a BSF, the directions for its use, and the phone number of technical assistance if needed.

Follow-up visits to the beneficiary families have been started to ensure that the filters are being used and maintained properly and to correct any problems if required.

2022 Progress Report

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