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Bio-Sand Filters in Himachal Pradesh

Social Awareness Through Human Involvement (SATHI), Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh

Contact: Dr. Anil Kumar

August 2015 August 2018

Budget: Rs.6,53,600

At the completion of this project, SATHI has now distributed 160 filters in 12 villages, asking beneficiaries to pay 20% of the cost of the filters to give them a sense of ownership.  All beneficiaries & their family members have been trained by SATHI in filter use, operation & maintenance. SATHI has also distributed the educational material on filter use & maintenance to beneficiary community. If some technical problems regarding filter use persist, it is rectified by SATHI team.  SATHI has conducted regular followup visits to ensure that they are being used successfully.  At the conclusion of this project,  160 households (890-900 individual beneficiaries) are now able to get safe drinking water at their doorstep.  About 94% of the filters are being used regularly, with a resulting reduction in waterborne diseases of over 65%.  Through community sensitization & capacity building, SATHI has ensured long term sustainability of the program. Although the PPI project is officially completed on July 2018, all activities of project are self sustaining. 

Final Report 2018

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