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Bio-Sand Water Filters in Karnataka

Pragathi, Mysore, Karnataka

Contact: Mr. Sharanappa

Dates: February 2023- February 2026

Total Budget: Rs. 16,37,980

2023 Budget: Rs. 5,34,520

In this first year of a three-year project to provide safe and clean drinking water for under privileged tribal people, Pragathi manufactured 103 bio sand filters (BSFs) and installed them in 103 beneficiary homes in Chilkahalli tribal village in Nanjangud Taluk, Mysore District. Main occupations of the villagers: Agricultural activities, working as daily labors in landlord’s field.

Typically, Pragathi can make 4 BSF units per day and the units are cured for 15 days before starting to scrub and paint filters. Filter media (rocks of different thickness and sand and water) are washed several times and put in separate bags for transporting to the village. The BSF units are placed in a suitable location in beneficiary homes and assembled with filter media.

An awareness camp was held to provide information about the Bio-sand water filters and how daily use can improve their health.  Proper way to maintain the filter was explained and demonstrated to them. 690 family members, including parents and children benefited by having pure drinking water. Each family paid Rs. 450/- for the filter and water jug.

Pragathi staff visits the beneficiaries once each month to check the filters and measure the outflow of the water to ensure that the filter mechanism is working properly.  The beneficiaries are very happy to receive the filters for clean drinking water and have conveyed their greetings to the PPI and our donors.

2023 Report

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