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Bio-sand Water Filters, SATHI-Himachal Pradesh

Social Awareness Through Human Involvement (SATHI);

Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh

Contact:  Dr. Anil Kumar

October 2018 – October 2021

Budget:  Total, Rs.9,16,800; 2019, Rs.3,05,600

During the first year of this project, SATHI has constructed and distributed a total of 55 filters to the beneficiaries in 5 project villages in the Morni Hills area of Haryana. All beneficiaries and their family members have been trained by SATHI in the filter use, operation, and maintenance. SATHI has also distributed the educational material on the filter use and maintenance to the beneficiary community. All the beneficiaries were successfully asked to contribute 20% of the cost of the filters, because SATHI believes that it makes those families take better ownership of the filters. 

To ensure a regular and proper use of the filters among the beneficiaries, SATHI team has been conducting monthly/quarterly follow-up visits in the project region. If some technical problems regarding filter use persist, they are rectified by the SATHI team. 

Progress Report Phase 1

Progress Report Phase 2

Progress Report Phase 3

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