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Bio-sand Water Filters, ASS, Bihar

Aakansha Seva Sadan (ASS);

Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Contact: Ms. Bandana Sharma

Dates: July 2019 – June 2022

Total Budget: Rs. 10,28,250

2019 Budget: Rs. 3,48,750

2020 Budget: Rs. 3,39,750

During the first year and a few months of this project, ASS has built and distributed 87 Bio-Sand Filters (BSF) to the poor families. They have also shortlisted 58 additional families for distributing BSFs during the remaining months of the second year of the project. Four local masons were trained to build the filters, which is helpful as the program is expanded to various families in the area. Four awareness programs have been organized to-date to make the people know of the benefits of using BSFs in being protected from water-borne diseases. A street play was organized to provide similar awareness to young children. The BSF recipients have also been provided training in their proper use and maintenance.

Regular Progress Report    COVID Period Work Report



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