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Bio-sand Water Filters, SATHI-Haryana

Social Awareness through Human Development (SATHI),

Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh

Contact: Dr. Anil Kumar

Dates: September 2018 – August 2021

Total Budget: Rs. 9,16,800

2020 Budget: Rs. 3,17,850

Major objective of this ongoing PPI project is to address poor drinking water quality issue in some remote pockets of Morni hills area of Panchkula district of Haryana state, bordering Himachal Pradesh. During the second year of the project SATHI firstly conducted community mobilization activities & thereafter developed & installed 60 concrete Bio-Sand Filters (BSFs) in 5 villages of Morni region. Users were also trained on operation and maintenance of filters. To analyse the effectiveness of program, SATHI conducted regular follow up with users. SATHI conducted follow up visits to project villages. On the basis of user follow up data, about 90 % (54 out of 60) of PPI beneficiaries are using the filter regularly. Remaining families were also educated and motivated to use filter regularly. During upcoming year third year of the project, SATHI will cover other water quality affected villages of Morni region (Haryana) under BSF program.

Progress Report Year 1   Progress Report Year 2


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