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Bio-sand Filters in Karnataka

Pragathi, Mysore, Karnataka

Contact: Mr. B. Sharanappa

Dates: April 2018 – March 2020

Total Budget: Rs. 17,67,900

2020 Budget: Rs. 6,12,300

152 Bio-Sand Filters (BSFs) were provided in this final year to 152 tribal families in Seegur Hadi village, Rajeev Gandhi National Park, Karnataka for pure drinking water. Until now, the villagers were dependent on river water and artificial pond constructed by forest department for wild animals. Total beneficiaries of the families including children was about 918. Occupation of the villagers is mainly fishing, hunting, collecting gooseberry, honey and working for the forest department. 20-liter water jug was also be provided along with the filter to store the filtered water. Pragathi provided information to the villagers about the Bio-Sand Filters operation, maintenance and the need for daily usage to maintain the potable water quality. They also explained how the filters can improve their health conditions and minimize health problems caused by the consumption of contaminated water. Regular follow-ups and awareness camps on the safe drinking water, regular maintenance of the filter, health and sanitation are carried out by the staff at Pragathi. Monthly visits are routinely undertaken to ensure the proper operation of the water filters.


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