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Fluorosis Mitigation in Selected Villages of Uttar Pradesh

Banwasi Seva Ashram (BSA),  Sonbhadra District, Uttar Pradesh

Contact: Dr. Vibha Augustine

Dates: August 2020 – July 2022

Total Budget: Rs. 11,16,000

2022 Budget: Rs. 4,18,00

This 2-year Project was divided in 2 phases for the implementation of mitigation approach to combat fluorosis in the two most affected villages – Govindpur and Kushmaha. BSA conducted health surveys in 104 Households (HH) in Govindpur and 284 HH in Kushmaha and tested 33 water sources in Govindpur and 86 water sources in Kushmaha.

The second phase of the project started in December 2021. It included monitoring and impact assessment of interventions such as use of fluoride-free water, medical supplements (Iron, Calcium, and vitamins), kitchen gardens, nutrition supplement -Poshan Laddu, awareness campaigning and mitigation plans, etc.

74 kits were installed from out of 94 selected HH because 20 HH showed resistance to accept due to their feeling of social hindrance in marriages of their children. BSA was able to convince to an extent that they would avail interventions when it does for the whole village.

Frequent home visits were made to those selected HH where defluorination kits were installed. Staff and youth volunteers visited every HH 3 times a month. A questionnaire was used to collect information during the visit and all the information was maintained in a Logbook. Monthly group awareness meetings were conducted in villages using short documentaries information charts, experiences of regular kit users of the village and demonstrate benefits of using fluoride-free water.

The Fluoride Mitigation Project is expected to finish in December 2022.

2021 Progress Report     2022 Final Report

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