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Refurbished Borewells for Drinking Water in Andhra Pradesh

Sri K. Pitchi Reddy Educational and Welfare Society (SPREAWS), Vempalli, Andhra Pradesh

 Contact: Mr. C.S. Sajid Hussain

Dates: August 2022 – July 2023

Total Budget: Rs. 3,75,500

2022 Budget: Rs. 3,75,500

During this new project, SPREAWS has already completed the refurbishment of old

hand-pump bore-wells in 6 remote villages in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. These hand-pump bore-wells were installed by the government or non-government organizations about 7 to 10 years back, but because of no one taking responsibility for maintaining these, these were not in working order. SPREAWS has refurbished these old bore-wells, so that the villagers have an easy access to clean drinking water (within a few hundred yards) instead of having to walk 2 – 3 miles to fetch impure water from a river or an open well.

This project has provided clean drinking water to about 673 households, thus reducing the potential water-borne diseases. It has also reduced the absenteeism of school children and improved income of women because they don’t have to spend the time to walk long distances to get water.

SPREAWS has also organized a Water User Committee in each village to take the responsibility of maintaining each of them with locally collected funds.

2022 Progress Report


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