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Donations and Membership

You can donate to PPI and/or become a voting PPI member by writing a check payable to “People for Progress in India” and mailing it along with the PPI Membership & Contribution Form to the address on the right at the bottom of this page. You can also donate to PPI online by using the Donate button on the right, which allows contributions by using credit cards through Paypal.

Seeking Grants

PPI IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING UNSOLICITED PROPOSALS, except from certain organizations that it has supported in the past.

If you are an NGO / NPO who has worked with us in the past, please read the guidelines thoroughly. Mail us a completed application form or prepare an application yourself which includes all the sections specified in the form. Please send the completed application to the address on the form. Please remember that a thoroughly completed application form increases the chances of getting the proposal approved.

Proposals from organizations that have not previously completed successful projects funded by PPI will not be approved for funding unless the organization’s work is endorsed by at least one person or funding organization known to members of PPI. Preference will be given to projects for which at least one supporter of PPI will be able to provide direct evaluations through site visits.

What type of projects do we sponsor?

PPI sponsors projects that make people self-reliant and have the potential to become self-sustaining. PPI likes to fund projects that involve vocational training, improving living conditions, children’s welfare, sustainable farming etc. However, PPI doesn’t want to act as a lending agency where the money is used only for income generation by individuals. PPI believes that banks are in a better position to offer loans to such mini and micro businesses.

Funding Special Projects through PPI

Contributions to PPI normally go into PPI’s general fund and are used to support projects approved and funded by PPI in the usual way (“regular PPI projects”). In addition, individual(s) may make new contributions to PPI that are to be used for specific work by a non-governmental charitable organization in India, provided various associated conditions are satisfied and the related work is approved as a Special Project by a vote of the PPI members.

Please read the Special Projects Guidelines to initiate a specific Special Project.

Special funding for natural disasters or other emergencies

PPI may respond to appeals from organizations which it supports, or has supported, for special funding in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. Such funding may be provided from PPI’s general fund up to a maximum of $3000 per organization, which may be supplemented by donations from other sources, according to the following procedure. Upon receipt of the appeal, any of the officers of PPI may call immediately for a vote of the membership by email, to be conducted within the next ten days; a simple affirmative majority of the votes received will suffice to approve the funding. The email for the vote may also indicate the procedure to be used for members to make additional donations by them, if any, to supplement this special emergency funding.

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