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IRDRP Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Relief

Institute of Research and Development for the Rural Poor (IRDRP), Tamil Nadu

2020 Covid-19 Relief Grant: $2000

2021 Covid-19 Relief Grant: $2500

In 2020, during the first COVID wave, IRDRP requested PPI’s approval to divert part of an ongoing grant for Covid-19 relief and used the funds to help 200 migrant workers in Chenglepet district. Under the guidance of the district collector, IRDRP distributed relief kits containing rice, vegetables, biscuits, and sanitary napkins. IRDRP also provided training on hand-washing and hygiene and distributed soap, sanitizer, and masks.

In 2021, during the second COVID wave, the health system was overwhelmed and IRDRP determined that the best use of PPI funds was to donate a much needed 10 channel electrocardiogram machine to the Tambaram Thoracic Hospital–a government hospital in Chennai.  An average of 100 patients per day including 25 ICU patients are now able to get an ECG test in the Hospital. 

2020 Report

2021 Report

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