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Pragathi Karnataka COVID-19 Relief

Pragathi; Karnataka

2020 Covid-19 Relief Grant: $2000

2021 Covid-19 Relief Grant: $2500

In 2020, during the first COVID wave, PPI’s grant enabled Pragathi to distribute relief kits in tribal villages to families of unemployed villagers. The relief kits contained dry food (rice, ragi flour, wheat flour, pulses, salt, jaggery), soap, and detergent.  53 kits were distributed in Mane Mule Hadi, 59 in Thimanna Hosa Halli, and 98 in Venkatachale pura.

In 2021, during the second wave, 93 poor tribal children staying at St. Anthony’s Tribal Destitute Home were sent home to their families and their food security deteriorated.  Pragathi used PPI COVID relief funds to send dry rations to the families of these children to ensure that their health and and well-being did not suffer during the pandemic, benefiting a total of 375 people.  PPI’s earlier support for purchase of a vehicle was instrumental in making it possible to deliver the supplies to the tribal families.

2020 Report

2021 Report

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