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Vikasana Karnataka COVID-19 Relief


Tarikere, Chikamagalur District, Karnataka

Contact: Mr. Varghees Cleatas

2021 Covid-19 Relief Grant: $2500

Vikasana undertook multiple activities to provide comprehensive support to the community to mitigate the severe impact of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, in seven backward villages of Tarikere block in Chikamagalur district, Karnataka State.  The beneficiaries were 400 families with a total population of 1500.

  1. COVID – 19 awareness program for migrant workers, disabled, and SHG members
  2. Display of COVID – 19 preventive measures in public places through banners, wall stickers, and distribution of pamphlets
  3. Distribution of mask and sanitizer for migrant workers, disabled, SHG members and their family members
  4. Distribution of food kits to the migrant workers, disabled, widows and SHG members
  5. Distribution of nutrition kits to COVID -19 survivors

Please read the relief project report for further details.

2021 Report

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