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If you are interested in a volunteering opportunity to help the less fortunate in India stand on their own feet, do consider volunteering for People for Progress in India (PPI)!

We are an all-volunteer group and PPI does not have paid staff. While the majority of PPI’s volunteers are from Seattle and the Eastside, we also have participants from other states in the US as our meetings are conducted over ZOOM teleconferencing.

We meet once a month (generally the second Wednesday evening) via ZOOM teleconferencing. To attend a meeting, please email and an office bearer will send the ZOOM link to you.  At our meetings, we review proposals from non-profits in India, make funding decisions and review progress of ongoing projects. We have a thorough review process — each proposal is assigned multiple reviewers and the review takes 1-3 months. All decisions are made collectively and democratically and we often have lively discussions about proposals and projects.  Volunteers can take on as little or as much commitment as they feel comfortable.  We would be delighted if you can join the core team as a long term volunteer, but if you don’t have the time then you could help us with our events, you could visit one of our projects in India and report back to us with your findings, or tell us about an NGO doing stellar work that we might be able to support.

Send us an email if you are interested in volunteering for PPI.

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