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Vocational Skill Training and Better Childcare for Musahar Women in Bihar

Akhil Gramin Yuva Vikas Samiti (AGYVS), Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Contact: Mr. Subodh Kumar Pandey

Dates: July 2021 – September 2024

Total Budget: Rs. 11,56,300

2023 Budget: Rs. 3,63,300

During the second year of this project, 40 poor Musahar women were trained in making Bamboo Products and another set of 40 Musahar women were trained in making Hosiery Products (20 women in each skill for 6 months at a time). This brings the total number of women trained to-date in each skill to 80.

There is a high demand for these products in the cities nearby. To help the women start their own small businesses, this year AGYVS was able to link each of these women to a local organization Jeevika to get interest-free loans of Rs 12,000 each for buying raw materials for products. The loan repayment structure seems to be flexible and supportive. The women are given a reasonable time frame to repay the loan, and their successful repayment history opens up the opportunity to avail even higher amounts, up to Rs. 50,000 each.

AGYVS is also providing marketing support through collaboration with other local organizations. Each of these women is able to earn much more money after training.

As a complement to the above skill training of the women, 100 children (less than 2 years old) of the poor working women were provided basic health care and some nutrition support. The mothers of these children were also educated about better childcare practices as well as the importance of education, health, and hygiene.

2022 Progress Report   2023 Progress Report

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