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Vocational Training Project in Tamil Nadu

Institute of Research and Development for the Rural Poor (IRDRP), Chennai, Tamil Nadu

 Contact: Dr. Irudayasamy

Dates: May 2022 – April 2023

Total Budget: Rs. 425,000

2022 Budget: Rs. 425,000

This vocational training program has provided training to 90 students in Computers, 90 in Tailoring, and 60 in Cell Phone repair. The trainees consisted of 15 to 35 years old females and males from tribal communities and backward classes in and around 10 villages near Chennai. The trainees were also provided various life skills training to help them find better jobs and / or set up their own small businesses after training. 

The students in Computers were taught computer operating systems, the various software such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop etc, as well as computer security and privacy. 

The students in the 4-month Cell Phone Repair training were taught how to repair and replace various parts of mobile phones by the proper use of different tools. They have also learnt how to use the wiring diagrams and the techniques for troubleshooting the problems.

The students in tailoring (mostly women) have learnt how to make the various types of clothes for women and babies.

IRDRP provided some help to the trained students in getting related jobs in the companies in the area or in starting their own businesses. However, the results did not meet the PPI members’ expectations and, therefore, the project was wrapped up after the fist year to avoid training of excessive number of people with these skills in the area.

2022 Progress Report   2023 Final Report

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