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Direct Marketing of Organic Produce by Tribal Farmers

Direct Marketing of Organic Produce by Tribal Farmers

Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Homeopathic Institute (MLDMHI); Thane, Maharashtra

Contact: Ms. Ujjwala Pendse

January 2019 — January 2021

Budget:  Total, Rs.8,96,000; 2019: Rs.4,40,000

In previous sustainable farming projects, MLDMHI was able to help farmers achieve significant increase in yield but they were not able to generate a stable income due to unstable marketing channels. In this new project, tribal farmers are taking their produce to Mumbai to sell directly to consumers at various locations. Farmers are getting trained in the logistics of growing for the urban market, storage, transportation and selling to urban customers. They have had success in building a consumer base at several residential complexes and near a school. With direct marketing, they get a (net) average rate of Rs.40/kg for vegetables vs Rs. 23/kg in the previous year, when a vendor picked up produce from their farms. Some farmers have able to earn as much as $10,000/month. Farmers who were previously becoming discouraged due to lack of income from farming are returning to the sustainable farming program.

Progress Report

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