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Mitigating Droughts through Community Empowerment

Mitigating Droughts through Community Empowerment

Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS); Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Contact: Dr. Prakash Tyagi

April 2018 – April 2021

Budget: Total, Rs.12,66,840; 2019, Rs.4,20,440

In this project GRAVIS is working to improve conditions in three villages in the Badmer district of the Thar desert. First, they have built 5 taankas (underground tanks to store rainwater) and are installing bio-sand water filters nearby, to provide a safe and reliable source of water for drinking and household use. Besides the obvious direct benefits, this has relieved women and children of the need to carry water long distances, so that the women can devote more time to farm work and community activities and the children can concentrate on school. Second, GRAVIS has established a seed bank in each village to ensure the availability of high-quality seeds of crop varieties that are well adapted to local climate and soil conditions. Crops are now being grown from the seeds harvested last year. GRAVIS has also held training sessions for the villagers on improved agricultural methods, with an emphasis on climate-resilient techniques. These activities have all been conducted with the active supervision and participation of Village Development Committees that were established in the first year of the project.

Progress Report Phase 1

Progress Report Phase 2

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