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Sustainable Agriculture for Kheria Sabars

Sustainable Agriculture for Kheria Sabars

Moyrabandh Gram Bikash Kendra (MGBK); Bankura, West Bengal

Contact: Mr. Uday Narayan De

May 2015 – May 2018

Budget:  Total, Rs.530,000; 2017, Rs.143,000

This is our third project with MGBK to assist the Kheria Sabar tribal people of Purulia district in various ways.  This one focuses on training in improved agricultural practices such as nursery raising and vermi-composting.  This year MGBK has trained 300 tribal women in multi-cropping, and they are now successfully growing vegetables, ginger, yams, and legumes on the same plots of land.  They also held a workshop where expert resource persons discussed issues related to climate change with the farmers.

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