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1000 Together – A Green Initiative in Karnataka

The Healing Circle (THC) Trust, Bangalore, Karnataka

Contact: Jayashree Ashok

Dates: April 2023 – March 2026

Total Budget: Rs.16,56,750

2023 Budget: Rs. 4,93,750


Maintenance of 13250 trees

The 2023 summer in Kalkunte was one of the hottest summers. In order to save plants and also prepare the pits for the next monsoon months, the food waste from the school run by THC was composted in an open composting pit method. With that 9 tractor loads of compost were generated and this was mixed with goat and sheep manure, black soil and red soil. 2 big baskets of this mixture were applied to each of the 13250 trees. In addition, 10 loads of coconut and areca nut dried leaves from the nearby village were also added. With a mulching machine on the farm, all the dried leaves, branches, cuttings and dried coconut shells were sliced fine and mulched for 13250 trees. This definitely helped the plants.

Herb and Shrub Garden

The herb and shrub garden near the yoga and sun garden areas were started as planned. The 2023 academic year started with Bhumi seva where children from schools run by THC planted Herb and shrub gardens in batches. In the month of October 2023 the remaining saplings were planted. Despite not having rains this year the plants are being meticulously watered and they have survived well. A list of 35 different varieties which includes Krishna Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Wild ginger, Doddapatre, Aloe vera, Catmint, Lemon grass, Citronella, Vetiver, Paneer rose, Rosemary, Milkweed, Turmeric, Tincher plant etc were planted.

2023 Progress Report




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