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Tree Plantation and Environmental Education in Bihar

Aakanksha Seva Sadan (ASS), Muzzaffarpur, Bihar

Contact: Ms. Bandana Sharma

Dates: Oct 2022 – Sep 2025

Total Budget: Rs. 8,92,300

2023 Budget: Rs. 2,44,900

This 3-year project has been working with the students and teachers of 6 high schools in the villages of Muzzarffarpur district of Bihar to provide environmental education through Awareness programs as well Exposure programs, followed by plantation and maintenance of 850 trees over 3 years.

During the first year of the project:

  • A total of 595 trees (mango, Liche, Amla, Neem, Ashok, Kadam, Guaya, Papaya) have been planted in 6 different schools. Protective fences have been built around these trees to protect those against damage from stray animals.
  • 247 school children have participated in the environmental exposure programs, which have helped them learn about the plantation and protection of trees and about the preservation of the environment.
  • In addition, 153 school children were involved in environment awareness programs
  • 152 children participated in the three quiz and essay competitions, which were conducted to help them display their knowledge of the environment importance.

The planned soil and moisture conservation steps are currently underway. These will minimize the amount of water required for the trees during the dry summer season.

2023 Progress Report


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