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Tree Plantation and Environmental Education in Karnataka

Vikasana, Tarikere, Karnataka

Contact: Mr. Varghees Cleatas 

Dates: July 2021- July 2024 

Total Budget: Rs. 1,245,200 

2023 Budget: Rs. 3,90404

During the second year, the project activities were carried out with the support of the children, teachers, farmers and Community. Eight awareness workshops were held on tree plantation and caring, environment protection. Around 296 people participated in the training. One training program was held for 40 beneficiaries on after care of tree plantings  Three training programs were held for 115 participants on nutritional gardens and benefits of using fresh organic vegetables.

About 1667 agroforestry plants like teak, Pongamia, cassesemia, gliricidia, neem, and silver oak were planted in 145 beneficiaries land and eight school grounds. This activity not only helps to conserve the biodiversity of the area but to provide fodder, fuel, and timber as well. Also, during the year, 353 horticulture plants like sapota, papaya, mango, jack fruit, Lemon, drum stick, cashew nut, and custard apple trees were distributed and planted in schools grounds and 192 beneficiaries land.

Seven Eco Club were formed in each of 8 schools to get students involved in protecting nature. In addition, 10 Nutrition gardens were formed in individual beneficiaries land. They grow fresh vegetables like Chili, Tomato, ladies finger, brinjal, Radish, beans, mint leaves for their personal consumption.

Overall impact of the project has been enormous. Around 1200 school children, teachers, parents and individual farmers are now sensitized towards the community role in climatic change and benefits of tree plantation. About 265 Eco club children are now directly involved in tree plantation, nutrition gardens, plants protection and watering.

2022 Progress Report   2023 Progress Report


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