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In 2008, Chinthana  Foundation in Karnataka approached PPI with the vision of transforming barren land near a school into a horticulture and agroforestry plot. They wanted to educate students and their families in planting and maintaining trees and in bio-diversity. Chinthana  foundation has since expanded their program to many neighboring schools. After the success of Chinthana ’s program, PPI funded similar projects with Vikasana in Karnataka, Aaakanksa Sewa Samiti in Bihar and with MLDMHI in Maharashtra. The emphasis is on growing local varieties of trees for food, shade, fodder and fuel. School children and their families are stewards of the trees. The long term tree survival rate in all our projects is over 90%.

Multipurpose Training Center, Chinthana

Chinthana Foundation; Ajjampura, Karnataka Contact: Mr. G. Channappa October 2018 – April 2021 Total Budget:…

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Chinthana  Foundation has produced a set of three documentaries on their tree planting projects with PPI.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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